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Develop a Blogging Strategy that amplifies your public presence with private coaching.

What most small business owners, authors, coaches, and entrepreneurs don’t understand is how blogging is the easiest way to update their website, boost their SEO, and connect with their audience with the least amount of budget. In fact, blogging can be used not only as a “word post” but can be used in all forms of communication, from email and newsletters to social posts. Learning to use SEO properly enhances the blog’s reach and connects with an ever-larger audience. And it can be achieved in under an hour a week.

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Story Coaching

Position Yourself as a Subject Matter Expert (without Limiting Your Potential)

As a leader, it is important to amplify your public presence as a subject matter expert without limiting your potential. In this 4-week program, you will discover ways to fast-track your career by showcasing your wisdom and expertise through finding guest blog and podcast spots, public speaking, and collaborations outside your industry.

Everything we want is just outside our comfort zone – Robert Allen.

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