2 comments on “Full-Cycle Thinking and Squirrels

  1. I LOVE your description of “squirrel!” I completely understand and know the reference, but it went right over my head in the context of your email response. Sorry I missed that. But then again, it inspired your terrific post. It’s such a personal description of your ADHD experience, especially around organizing and distractions. Many of my clients have similar challenges.

    When I was on the ICD (The Institute for Challenging Disorganization) board as President-Elect, the President, Val Sgro, gave each of the board members a gift. It was a tiny silver charm of a squirrel. With it came a note that encouraged us to be open to all of the numerous ideas that we had and received. She added that if we didn’t base our choices on our strategic plan, we could quickly go off course. We were an enthusiastic, creative group and were never short on new ideas. But the key was capturing the concepts and then choosing which ones to pursue. We had limited resources. When things would start to veer off course, one of us would say, “Squirrel,” and then we knew it was time to regroup.

    Also, I thought you might enjoy my post, “5 Organizing Challenges and Proven Ways to Overcome Them.” I explain more about full circle thinking. There is a two-part interview that accompanies it. Check out #5 on the post about Mindfulness. If you listen to Part 2 of the podcast at the 11:53 mark, I talk more about the full circle concept. Here’s the link: https://www.ohsoorganized.com/blog/2017/10/2/5-organizing-challenges-and-proven-ways-for-how-to-overcome.html

    Lastly, I LOVE the gorgeous photo of you with your sons! The joy of motherhood shines brightly in that beautiful moment.

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